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Treason – Claus von Stauffenberg and the plot to kill Hitler provides an intimate view of tumultuous events. It is a chronicle of drama, heroism and sacrifice.

The struggle by Claus von Stauffenberg and others to rid the world of the Nazi regime and end the Second World War is one of the twentieth century’s great stories.

Treason is an historically accurate account of moral and physical courage presented with all the power of a page-turing narrative, and supported by myriad illustrations.

Created using Apple's iBooks Author software, Treason contains more than 500 images – mainly photographs – complemented by animated maps and diagrams, and video clips. It provides finger-touch access to more than 270 biographies, many with photos, along with fifteen profiles of key institutions and locations.

Treason combines masterful storytelling with a visual feast that allows you to see, hear, experience and feel the historical sources in a way that has never before been possible. To read Treason is to open a window into history as you have never seen it ...

Treason is only be available for purchase through Apple’s iBooks Store – and be read on an iPad or Mac using iBooks software (free download) from Apple.

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